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Capture the Magic of Being There

HD Video

Video on the Internet has taken off. It's a way of entertaining ourselves and has become a popular research tool for buyers. As high-speed Internet becomes more readily available, video has exploded onto the web as the next big opportunity that every real estate professional should take advantage of. 

A New and Popular Way of Looking for Real Estate

Just imagine opening the door to your listing and guiding potential buyers through every amenity. It's so much easier to visualize a home when you're walking through it. You're not just showing people to a piece of property, you're taking the opportunity to use your unique knowledge and fantastic personality to gain their trust. Who knows...you just might develop a following.

Enjoy Full Creative Freedom

Use an Intro to greet buyers. Open doors and walk onto that huge deck. Say "Thanks for coming" with an Outtro. Put a video of that Custom Waterfall right in the middle of your tour. Because we've made it easy to arrange full motion video with drag n' drop simplicity, you're free to experiment with your video clips and photos to create countless visual styles and combinations

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